watching clouds

I’m a long way from café society
floating somewhere between
dreamtime and the clouds
drifting in from the east

I no longer need the tonic
of an office to run or a meeting to chair
nothing from another life that kept me
up and running from espresso to espresso

I can cook a damn fine meal
suspend time on an old armchair
and if the phone ever rang
I suspect I could handle the crisis

mostly though I am what I am –
adrift beneath a frame of stars
lost to the moon’s mystery way up there
in the middle of my rooftop window

once I could take a call with two already holding
run off a few letters at the drop of a hat
now I reflect on the beauty of clouds
make small talk with the spiders

from ‘Watching Clouds’ (Doghouse, 2011)


Listen to Gerry read ‘watching clouds’: