ALL THAT JAZZ, Gerry’s third poetry collection (see BOOKS)

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‘another summer’ a poem narrated by Gerry. To listen to more of Gerry’s poems click here

it has been another good summer
I have not mown down any children
old men or young mothers wheeling their buggies
I have not crushed the skull of a commuter
cycling home from work nor have I obliterated
an entire family returning from vacation

there were other fatalities that I should record –
on a dull grey day in May a robin
loitered too long on a road that led me home
others, blackbirds in the main, timed their wheel-
height bullet-flights with staggering ineptitude
white butterflies zigzagged one last time on lazy afternoons
while moths in their hundreds fluttered blindly
from darkness to headlight to a permanent night

in recompense I became a petty saviour
seeking compensation and forgiveness
snails were moved out of danger zones
spiders gathered before a morning shower
drowning flies rescued and resuscitated
I entertained the notion of selling the car
but somehow knew that such a course of action
could only be construed as having gone too far


‘Watching Clouds’ (Doghouse, 2011) is Gerry’s debut poetry collection. The late Dermot Healy, acclaimed poet and author, called it ‘a rare collection of poems…filled with insights that are astonishing and ironic’. He continued, ‘It takes a rare voice to successfully contain them both, and Gerry Boland has that gift.’

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Gerry reading Gardener’s Dream